Quality System

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Quality System:

Metal Chem Inc. maintains a strict Quality System which enforces Quality Control and Quality Assurance throughout all stages of plating, painting, powder coating and processing which include the following:

  • Final Inspection
  • Corrective Action
  • Ovens, Tools, Gages and Calibration Controls
  • Plating, Painting, Powder Coating, Certifications
  • Shipping and Delivery Control
  • Customer Feedback
  • Record Retention
  • Customer Satisfaction

Quality Assurance Laboratory and Chemical Laboratory:

Our Metal Finishing and Metal Plating Quality Assurance staff is very knowledgeable in the science of metal finishing, metal plating and chemistry. Our Quality Assurance team is led by experienced Chemical Engineers.

  • They are available for special projects and consulting upon request.
  • Our methods and services are certified by Nadcap.
  • We are certified for both aerospace and metal plating.
  • All processes are RoHs Compliant.